Stand-Up Review: Russell Howard’s Wonderbox

Russell Howard Wonderbox

A man walked into a Russell Howard gig at the DC Improv. Good news: it was brilliant.* But was it really brilliant, you ask? Just ask this lamb:

Showcasing his characteristic warmth and wit, Howard proved (once again) why he’s the best at what he does: mixing the inspirational with the absurd… the refined with the scatological… the intellectual with, well, incredibly funny jokes about his mother. Bad news, however: at just under two hours, Howard’s routine ended far too soon, as evidenced by one disappointed member of the audience:**

Luckily, Howard stuck around long after his performance for questions and autographs, just to show how @#$%ing decent and likeable he is. Eat that, other comedians… but not necessarily at the DC Improv, because there’s a two item minimum.***

For more information, visit Russell Howard at

*See what I did there? If not, tune into BBC Three.
**Two hours is a perfectly sensible runtime for a comedy set, but what’s a man to do in Washington D.C. afterwards? Visit awe-inspiring national monuments or something? Please…
***Also, the gig is over.

© 2014 Tony Vicory.

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