Freedom of Speech

A man walked into a phrasal template word game. Once inside, he bumped into a/an _______(member of an oppressed minority group). “Get out of the way, _______(slur),” he shouted. The man was, of course, a/an _______(rhymes with “stickhead”) and unsurprisingly had the _______(scatological expletive) walloped out of him with a/an _______(over-sized garden tool). Afterwards, he couldn’t string together any words coherently — his brain was now curdled like _______(something that curdles) — so, instead, the man mumbled over and over again: “_______(adjectival noun) _______(subjunctive verb) _______(prepositional phrase) _______(ambigram) _______ (voiced bilabial fricative) _______(seasonal Pop-Tarts® flavor)…” (Moral: violence may not be the best reaction to bigotry, but @$$holes probably shouldn’t play around with Mad Libs®.)

© 2014 Tony Vicory.

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