The Amazing Scrutineer Loons: The Mystery of the Dubious Dinner, Part 3


The Amazing Scrutineer Loons were torn, but not as torn as the ragged soccer ball they had just discovered moments earlier. Yes, it deserved justice for its untimely deflation; however, their stomachs deserved something, too, namely hearty beakfuls of moldy synthetic leather. Such a dilemma necessitated a near-impossible choice: should our intrepid detectives follow the evidence, or should they swallow it, along with a nice, refreshing gulp of stagnant lake water? How could they decide? Was it even their decision to make? These questions and many more will be answered… right now, because the loons are @#$%ing hungry. Can you blame them? Find out next time in The Amazing Scrutineer Loons: Seriously, Where are the Crackers?, Part 1!

© 2014 Tony Vicory.

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