Fine Print: Pick-up Lines for Fonts


Kern closer.

Ooh, yeah, stroke that vertical.

If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be justified.

I like the way your extenders slope.

Your e’s have the most exquisite eyes.

If I may be so bold…

Nice tittles.

My paragraph or yours?

You’ve got one mean line.

I could stare at the curves of your breves all day long.

Let’s get diacritical.

Is that your o-face?

How’s your punctuation hanging?

I’m in the mood to interrobang.

I would adore you with serifs or sans.

Your CamelCase is showing.

I want to touch your small caps.

How low is your baseline?

I’m a dingbat for your love.

Care to get your swash on?

Your beauty punchcuts me.

Wanna try reverse-contrast?

© 2015 Tony Vicory.

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