Question: Is there anything better than a sandwich?
Answer: Yes; more sandwiches.

Question: How fast can you make a sandwich?
Answer: I don’t make sandwiches; they make me.

Question: Can I use a sandwich as a floatation device?
Answer: No, but if you eat enough, you can be a floatation device.

Question: My parents don’t like sandwiches. Am I adopted?
Answer: Yes; maybe even abducted.

Question: I really want a sandwich, but I can only afford the bread. What should I do?
Answer: Toast a slice and put it in the middle. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Question: Are there sandwiches in Heaven?
Answer: Absolutely; without sandwiches, it wouldn’t be Heaven.

Question: My girlfriend left me for a sandwich. Why does this keep happening?
Answer: Because there’s simply no competition, my friend.

Question: I left my boyfriend for a sandwich. Is it possible that I’m falling in love?
Answer: It’s not only possible; it’s inevitable.

Question: My doctor says I’m eating too many sandwiches. Could that be true?
Answer: You might need to see this “doctor’s” credentials.

Question: Can we stop talking about sandwiches?
Answer: Never.

© 2016 Tony Vicory.

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